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About Us

The Leading Boat Tour Operator in Jurien Bay


Who we are

Turquoise Safaris was founded over 8 years ago. We are the leading boat tour operator in Jurien Bay specialising in Sea Lion Tours.


Our guides are long-time residents who know all the secret spots in and around the area. Whether you go on a fishing charter or a sea lion tour you will be well taken care of by our expert team.


We pride ourselves on giving all our customers the most unique offshore experience Jurien Bay has to offer.  


Why we’re different

We are the number one Sea Lion Tour boat operator in Jurien Bay.

We are:

  • Knowledgeable: Because we love the ocean and marine creatures, we stay on top of the latest marine trends. Because our team have lived locally for years, we know the local sea lions and their behaviours, and other marine life you may see. We also know the best local fishing spots.

  • Experts: Our crew regularly update their knowledge of local marine life to ensure you have an enriching and educational tour. We pride ourselves on educating you about the rare Australian Sea Lions and ways you can help protect them.

  • Experienced: With over 15 years of experience, our team has seen and experienced it all. We’ve lived in Jurien for years, and as locals, we know the conditions, the sea conditions, and the best fishing spots.

  • Professional: Our modern boats and well-maintained equipment set high standards in comfort and hygiene. Our snorkelling equipment and wetsuits are top-of-the-line and kept in mint condition.

  • Eco-friendly: We have a policy of ‘leave no trace’ to keep the ocean free from pollution. We guarantee you will get to experience sea lions in their natural habitat.

  • Accredited: We are members of the Western Australian Tourism Commission and complete our Quality Business Accreditation annually, which requires licenses and qualifications to be obtained for compliance.



Jurien Bay: Home of Turquoise Safaris

Located north of Perth, Jurien Bay is 220 kilometres along Indian Ocean Drive. It is a serene fishing town with long stretches of beach and vibrantly coloured reefs teeming with marine life.


The thriving diversity of Jurien Bay’s marine life, its shallow water accessibility and turquoise clarity reveals a fascinating line-up of rainbow coloured fish, sponges and breathtaking corals. Protected by an arc of small islands and limestone reefs, Jurien Bay has some of the best snorkel spots you can find along the coast.


While the local fishermen of Jurien’s booming crayfishing industry head out for another catch, we are helping the next group on board for a sea lion tour. Spectacular snorkelling includes marine life explorations and plenty of opportunities for interaction with the very curious and sociable Australian Sea Lions.

We’re ready

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