Sea Lion Tours

The Most Unique Experience In Jurien Bay

Puppies Of The Sea

Join us on an unforgettable Sea Lion Safari and meet the beloved Australian Sea Lions. These unique and playful creatures will jump and somersault out of the water and entertain their visitors for hours. Hop in for a snorkel and in-water interaction or stay on the boat and watch the show.

Key Information

Pricing for the 2.5 hour Sea Lion Safari is:
$99.00 per Snorkeler,
$75.00 per Non Snorkeler,
$75.00 per child under 12 years of age,
Infants under 2 years of age travel free.
Go Pro camera hire is $50.00 per person. Bookings Are Essential.

Bottle Nose Dolphins
Sea Lion Safari
An Australian Sea Lion
Sea Lion Safari
The Underwater Pinnacles
Sea Lion Safari
Cheeky Sea Lions
Sea Lion Safari
From Above
Sea Lion Safari
Snorkel Fun
Sea Lion Safari
Octopus Up Close
Sea Lion Safari
The Underwater Pinnacles From Above
Sea Lion Safari
Essex Rocks
Sea Lion Safari
The Australian Sea Lions are the rarest of their species with only approximately 10.000 to 12.000 of them left. They inhabit Essex Rocks, an island located in one of the largest marine parks in Western Australia. Essex Rocks is only a 15 minutes boat ride from our departure point;  learn about the Jurien Bay Marine Park and all the beauty that lies within along the way. The hustle and bustle of marine life on the ocean floor beneath schools of fish in the Jurien Bay waters beckon accomplished and learner snorkelers to the adventure. The underwater creatures of the coral and limestone reefs don’t take much notice of their snorkel wearing visitors, which clears the way for a chance to eyeball them at close quarters. This captivating marine life experience at Jurien Bay is renowned by snorkelers near and far.
Sea lion, encountered on a tour in Jurien Bay
Two sea lions swimming in shallow water photographed during a tour
The Jurien Bay Boat Harbour offers plenty of parking and public toilet facilities including warm showers.

Tour times are:
7:30 am – 10:00 am and 10:00 am – 12:30 pm during summer;
8:30 am – 11:00 am and 11:00 pm – 1:30 pm during winter (15th May until 15th September)
Charters run daily, weather permitting.
A third trip during peak season will be on offer to meet demand but only if the two morning trips are fully booked.
Please be at the Harbour 15 minutes prior to departure of the tour.

Go Pro cameras are available for hire to film your experience and take it home on an SD card.
Light snacks and refreshments are provided on the Sea Lion Safaris along with all snorkel equipment including custom made wetsuits.

Sea Lion Tours run all year around, they are not seasonal.
Please be advised the Underwater Pinnacles will only be accessible if the weather permits.

Our trips are safe and educational for all ages. We pride ourselves on giving all our customers the most unique experience Jurien Bay has to offer.
Book Turquoise Safaris for your next offshore adventure – we have got you covered.


TripAdvisor Reviews

  •   Kane and Rosey made this experience a highlight on our trip around Oz. The experience of swimming with the sea lions was amazing. Something we will always treasure. The sea lions love to dive and swim with us. Highly recommend this experience. Swimming vests were available for anyone to wear. Felt very safe. We had plenty of time. Thanks for the memorable experience Kane and Rosey


      Amazing family business!! We are travelling around Australia with our two kids and this day was one of the major highlights of our trip so far. The owners were fantastic with our two kids aged 9&11 and we all got to swim with heaps of sea lions and had a fantastic day. Thankyou!!


      Kane and Chloe were excellent guides on our trip to see the sea lions in Jurien Bay. Wetsuits are provided to help with the cold waters in August and setup with the snorkels were a breeze. Kane helped out with any issues during the snorkel and pointed out the sea lions when he spotted them from the boat. All round great experience topped off with a hot drink and lamingtons. Thank you Kane for also giving me the GoPro attachment! Highly recommend!


      Fablous tour , crew were very imformative, friendly, nothing was a problem to them. The seal lions were great either swimming with them or just watching from the boat.

  •   Amazing time swimming with the seals. Plenty of time allowed for snorkeling,the crew were great,nothing too much trouble.


      The tour was fabulous. It’s totally worth it even if you just stay on the boat or swim with the seals.
    Boat was spacious and comfortable the skipper is informative funny and has a good choice in music.
    In the water the seal lions are very playful and if your lucky you might get a hug. I recommend that you bring an underwater camera.
    From Jamie and Jade

    Sean Tammy G

      Before we got into the water we were fitted up with a wetsuit, fins and a snorkel. At the beginning the water was cold but we got used to it and had fun. We all enjoyed swimming with the sea lions because we got to swim really close to the sea lion pups as they swam out from the island. They were very playful. The sea lions swam and we followed them. Unfortunately the time spent with them was short (because the sea lions got bored of us!) but everyone saw a sea lion. After we got out of the water we were treated to a cup of hot chocolate (Milo) by the friendly staff.

    The only thing I think they could improve is if they had a practice snorkel before you jumped in with the sea lions. This would just give you an opportunity to get used to the gear before being in with the sea lions.


      Right from the get go we knew this would be an amazing experience! The crew were so lively and friendly, and they made sure everyone was having fun!
    The boat was pumping some amazing Aussie tunes, and the crew pulled out all the stops to make sure we all got up close and personal with the animals.
    We honestly want to come back up and do more trips with Turquoise Safaris, because we've never had a guided experience quite like it 🙂

    Highlight of our trip!

  •   From the start, when warmly greeted by the skipper and welcomed aboard, I immediately felt safe, secure, and ready for a great adventure. The boat was lovely, the equipment in very good condition, and the hospitality top notch. Getting into the water and swimming with the sea lions was one of the most unique experiences I've had since visiting Australia. The one that I played with most would swim right up to my face, poke around and grab onto me or my GoPro. It was phenomenal. On the way back to shore we were treated to a warm cup of Milo (or tea or coffee) and some really good Lamingtons. Perfect start to my morning and will not be forgotten. Thank you to Turquoise Safaris for a fantastic experience! More


      I came to the country to dive and drive. I did both things, and it was really nice. The only activity that I didn't plan before coming was knowing the sea lions in the sea, and it was one of the nicest experiences of my life.

    The service in the ship was really good. Even the rest of the people went out of the water maybe after half an hour, I could stay with the sea lions an hour more (I didn't had enough) without any rush.


    Monastiraki P

      Everything it said it was going to be and more.
    Got to swim with sea lions, warm cup with coffee and Lemongtons post swim, towels, snorkels and just a beautiful boat ride. Lyndon was brilliant - provided the music, interesting facts and such a lovely man who made the trip extra fun. Thank you very much Lyndon


      If you plan to swim and play with sea lions, you should only do it with Turquoise Safaris. if don't, we'll you must!
    Special mention and love for Rosey, who took it upon herself to go out of the way and help us make the most of the dive.

    The experience was blissful. Cheers.

  •   From start to finish you are made to feel comfortable and like you are in for a fun time. The music was awesome, the boat and equipment all new. You have plenty of time in the water with the most playful, inquisitive puppies of the sea. This is a must do!

    Travelling T

      The interaction with the sea lions is great!!
    The crew is very informative and great music along the way 🙂


      I did this tour 3 times!!! every time was even better!!! they really are the puppy dogs of the sea, and the couple of the tour are AMAZING, they do everything to get everyone happy in the tour, they even jump into the water and help slow swimmers!
    I really loved this experience and would like to do it again!

    Catalina G

      Top trip. Good spacious comfortable boat, great interactions with the sea lions which really enjoy playing when you swim with them. Fun morning out, I'll be back

  •   We absolutely loved this experience!
    Kane and Rosemary were fantastic tour operators and created an exciting morning.
    The boat is great and the seals, well,absolutely adorable..puppies of the sea, indeed.
    Professional and respectful to our environment and wildlife, it's a a big thumbs up from us!


      Thanks for the wonderful tour! It was great! My kids love it. Perfect tour for family w young kids! Recommend must try when you are in Perth and nearby!



      We enjoyed the special interaction of being in the water with these inquisitive sea lions! They seemed just as excited to see us as we were to see them. Our Skipper, Lyndon made the trip relaxed and enjoyable. He was great from the outset. This is a must-do when in Jurien Bay.


      Cheers for the prompt 4WD recovery Kane, made the day so much better, kids won't stop lecturing me on how to 4WD now, ha ha.

  •   What a great way to start the day just had the best morning with Kane, Rose and the sea lions it was a really relaxing and friendly boat it’s obvious they enjoy their job the sea lions were so beautiful well worth a trip out...More


      Lyndon was our guide and didn’t disappoint with his playlist! The sea lions were so interactive and playful, it was an amaaaaazing day! Being not so much a confident swimmer at sea, there was life jackets available which allowed me to thoroughly enjoy the whole...More

    Holly U

      WOW, what an experience. Lyndon our skipper delivered! Just had so much fun snorkelling with the sea lions. They are so friendly. You MUST do this if in Jurien Bay.

    Paul G

      Despite a change in the weather later on the afternoon which threatened our trip...they kept us in the loop and did their best to get us out there. Seals werent in high numbers due to weather, but we still had some juveniles come out for...More

  •   This was a great experience. The sea lions were a delight to swim and play with and there was plenty of time to enjoy it. The boat was fantastic and the journey to and from the sea lions was really exciting. ‘Kane’ was a cheerful...More

    Andrew C

      Awesome experience from start to finish and should be on everyone's bucket list! The sea lions are an absolute delight and you get plenty of time to snorkel with them at your leisure, never felt rushed. Crew are excellent, there were several small children on...More


      Crew members were great from beginning to end. Very friendly, down to earth and accommodating. Even supplied a small cake to help celebrate our son's birthday. We took a nice boat ride out and were almost immediately greeted by sea lions. They really do love...More

    thumb CWhyte1

      We were recommended by people in Exmouth, after swimming with the whale sharks to visit the guys at Jurian Bay and we can say that the experience was BY FAR a highlight of our trip. Lyndon was such a great guide, really helpful and took...More

    thumb Cachk
  •   What a way to start today 🙂 It was an absolute pleasure to be part of such a great experience. The sea lions were sooo friendly, they love playing around and just love the attention they receive. Had the best morning! Could not recommend Turquoise...More

    thumb Ellie1515

      This tour was absolutely incredible. The sea lions were so sweet and playful - at one point there were about about four of them swimming and playing with our group. Obviously the experience can’t be guaranteed, but this was one of the happiest adventures I’ve...More

    thumb Kathleen J

      We had an amazing morning on the boat and snorkeling with the Sea Lions. Everything was explained very well and the crew helped us to have the best experience with the playful cuties. Thank you so much for the perfect ending of our Australia travels.

    thumb Amanda530

      Oh my goodness this is one of the coolest things you can do while travelling WA. The sea lions come really close and it was just awesome even tho we only saw a few. Not that it was expensive at all, def worth the money,...More

    thumb 139trined
  •   There were only a couple of sea lions when we visited but we did manage to watch and play with them, which was fun. The boat was good, wetsuits and snorkelling equipment are provided. Hot drinks also provided after the swim which was nice. I...More

    thumb LeahSydney01

      I went out with Lyle and Rosie to swim with the sea lions. Such an amazing experience - the sea lions were so playful coming so close to us to swim and play. I would definately recommend this tour with turquoise safaris.

    thumb T2966EPkellyc

      Very friendly staff ....awesome time ... well organised and very professional ... my son had a great time ... the sea lions where just gorgeous Well worth the money - thanks

    thumb kelsiekate

      I was not expecting much, but I was very surprised how sea lions play with us in the water. The team was very professional and very good. We had a really good time and will come back with our kids for sure.

    thumb Naresh S
  •   Lyndon was great! Boat for really nice and crew was so attentive to all of our needs. I had 2 young children with me and they helped bring them off the boat to explore and see the sealions. Will definitely recommend That you make a...More

    thumb EstellaK17

      I'm so glad we managed to make it to this tour. We left Fremantle early and managed to get to the 10.30am tour. It was amazing. At first we only saw a couple of older sea lions but then some younger ones appears and "played"...More

    thumb regNmat

      These guys were great! Guaranteed to swim with the sea lions everyday of the year. Brand new boat, friendly and knowledge staff and good local know-how made for an excellent experience.

    thumb TTWSaustralia

      A very friendly, yet professionally run morning. The boat was very clean, as was the hire gear. Very caring crew, Lynden the skip looked after everyone very well. When one needed assistance in the water, he was there in a flash. A great experience that...More

    thumb dave s