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General Questions

Where Is Jurien Bay?
Jurien Bay is located 220 km north of Perth, Western Australia. Simply take Wanneroo Road north until it becomes Indian Ocean Drive, then follow it all the way up to Jurien.
Where Do We Meet?

Departure point for all tours is the Jurien Bay Boat Harbour off Harbour Drive. Your guide will be waiting for you aboard ‘Sound Waves’ or ‘Mojo’.
The boat will be parked up at the floating pontoon behind the information bay. Please be at the Harbour 15 minutes prior to departure of the trip.

What Do I Need To Bring On My Safari?

Although it varies on each safari its generally a good idea to bring:

  • Swimwear (for the snorkelers)
  • Camera or GoPro
  • Hat & sunglasses (we provide sunscreen)
  • Warm jacket / jumper (it can get cold out on the water or after a swim)

You are welcome to bring along your own wetsuits or snorkel equipment.

Is Food Supplied?

Snacks and light refreshments are supplied on all Sea Lion Safaris. Water is also supplied on every tour.

Can I Hire A Camera?

We have a limited amount of Go Pros available for Hire at $50 per person.

Which Vessel Will I Travel On?

All Sea Lion Tours are operated on ‘Sound Waves’ or ‘Mojo’, both 10 metre Fibreglass Leisure Cats which were custom built in 2017/18.

What Is The Minimum Number Of People?

The minimum number of people required for a Sea Lion Tour is 2.

What Is The Maximum Number Of People?

The maximum number of people per Sea Lion Tour is 28 divided onto two vessels otherwise ‘Sound Waves’ can carry 12 and ‘Mojo’ 16 passengers.

Can Babies Attend The Safaris?
There are no set age limits for our Safaris.
Are The Safaris Suitable For Elderly Or Mobility Impaired?

‘Sound Waves’ and ‘Mojo’ offer easy access through the side entry door and plenty of seating / space suitable for elderly, mobility impaired and wheelchairs. Please contact us for further details.

How Many Trips Do You Do Per Day?

We can run up to three Sea Lion Tours per day depending on demand. Two trips a day are bookable during the summer months, a third trip will be added once the first two are fully booked.
One trip a day is bookable during the winter months from 15th May until 15th September except over school holidays when a second trip will be added.
All Tours are subject to weather conditions.

How Deep Is The Water At The Snorkel Spots?
Our two separate snorkel spots are both located in shallow waters with the depth varying from 1.5 to 2 metres.
Can I Book In As An Observer And Upgrade To A Snorkeler On The Day?

If you are not sure whether you want to join a Sea Lion Tour as a Snorkeler at the time of booking, you are welcome to book in as an Observer and decide if you want to snorkel on the day. There are enough snorkel sets and wetsuits on the boat for everyone so a last minute change of mind won’t be a problem.
Please do leave us a short message in the ‘Notes’ box when entering your booking details indicating you might upgrade.
You can pay the additional $24 cash or card on the day.

What Is The Water Temperature?
The water temperature can get below 15 degrees celsius in winter and reach up to 26 degrees celsius in summer.
Do I Have To Book In Advance?

Yes definitely, bookings are essential. Tours only depart if we have received bookings prior to or on the day.

Do You Require A Deposit?
No. When booking through the website the full price needs to be paid up front to secure your spot.
Can I Purchase A Tour As A Gift?
Yes, we have Gift Vouchers for all Tours available for purchase. Simply click the ‘Book Now’ Button, choose desired tour and select ‘Buy Gift Card’.
What Are Your Booking Conditions?
  • Turquoise Safaris reserves the right to alter or cancel safaris at any time
  • Safety is our utmost concern but your responsibility
  • A medium level of fitness is required
  • When booking please inform us of any injuries or medical conditions
  • Any Safaris cancelled by us due to unforeseen circumstances will either be rescheduled or fully refunded
  • A Cancellation Fee of 50% of the full price applies to all Sea Lion Tour cancellations received less than 48 hours before departure of the trip
  • No Refund in case of no show
  • Don’t hesitate to contact us for more info

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