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The Leading Boat Tour Operator In Jurien Bay

So Who Is Turquoise Safaris?

Turquoise Safaris is the leading boat tour operator in Jurien Bay specialising in Sea Lion Tours. Our guides are long time residents who know all the secret spots in and around the area. We pride ourselves on giving all our customers the most unique offshore experience Jurien Bay has to offer.                                                                                                                                  Located to the north of Perth, Western Australia, Jurien Bay is 220 km along the Indian Ocean Drive. It is a serene fishing town endowed with long stretches of beach and vibrantly coloured reefs teeming with marine life.

The thriving diversity of Jurien Bay’s marine life, its shallow water accessibility and turquoise clarity reveal a fascinating line-up of rainbow coloured fish, sponges and breathtaking corals. Protected by an arc of small islands and limestone reefs, Jurien Bay has some of the best snorkel spots you can find along the coast.                                                                                                                  While the local fishermen of Jurien’s booming cray-fishing industry head out for another catch, we are helping the next group on board for a sea lion tour. Spectacular snorkeling includes marine life explorations and plenty of opportunities for interaction with the very curious and sociable Australian Sea Lions.

TripAdvisor Reviews

  •   Thanks you so much to the captain and April for this bloody good time. We were 12 on the boat (the maximum), and we saw so many sea lions that... read more


      Everything is amazing: the captain, the crew, the sea lions and the music on board ! Thanks a lot captain. Your tour rocks !


      I’ve been going up to Jurien and Green head my whole life and have never done this tour so finally decided we should! We saw around 5-6 sea lions but... read more


      Went out on the sea lion tour this morning. The sea lions swam up to greet the boat as soon as we anchored. When we got into the water they... read more

  •   One of the best marine tour I did in Australia! The team is great and passionate and the sea lions are really playful, you can have a great interaction with... read more


      We gave our grandson this swim with the sea lions for his 10th birthday present. He loved it and wants to do it again asap!

    Margaret H

      So many happy sea lions to play with. Kids had a great morning. The team looked after us and everyone had a great time. Highly recommend.


      This is the best experience I have had in years! It is amazing and a must do if you are in the area. The crew were happy, knowledgeable and helpful.... read more

  •   Spent the morning out swimming with the sea lions. Staff (Lyndon and April) were incredibly kind and encouraging to those not sure about getting in (including myself)offering lots of reassurance... read more


      This is a must do activities in Jurien Bay. The water is so clear and turquoise in color. Crew are so professional and put safety above anything yet... read more


      Swimming with the sea lions in Jurien Bay was the highlight of our trip, the experience exceeded our expectations. The sea lions were very inquisitive and playful and wanted to... read more


      Thanks for that incredible experience - would recommend it 1000% !! We had amazing trip - never thought we would be able to explore sea lions sooo close... read more

  •   Had a great day swimming with the sea lions. Spectacular to have the privilege of swimming with them in their natural home. Staff were super friendly, helpful and full of... read more


      Great morning aboard 'Sound Waves' with Lyndon and Rosie. Amazing experience to get up close and personal with the sea lions.

    Had to get out of the water... read more


      Kane and Rosey made this experience a highlight on our trip around Oz. The experience of swimming with the sea lions was amazing. Something we will always treasure.... read more


      Amazing family business!! We are travelling around Australia with our two kids and this day was one of the major highlights of our trip so far. The owners were fantastic... read more

  •   Kane and Chloe were excellent guides on our trip to see the sea lions in Jurien Bay. Wetsuits are provided to help with the cold waters in August and setup... read more


      Fablous tour , crew were very imformative, friendly, nothing was a problem to them. The seal lions were great either swimming with them or just watching from the boat.


      Amazing time swimming with the seals. Plenty of time allowed for snorkeling,the crew were great,nothing too much trouble.


      The tour was fabulous. It’s totally worth it even if you just stay on the boat or swim with the seals.
    Boat was spacious and comfortable the skipper is... read more

    Sean Tammy G
  •   Before we got into the water we were fitted up with a wetsuit, fins and a snorkel. At the beginning the water was cold but we got used to it... read more


      Right from the get go we knew this would be an amazing experience! The crew were so lively and friendly, and they made sure everyone was having fun!
    The boat... read more


      From the start, when warmly greeted by the skipper and welcomed aboard, I immediately felt safe, secure, and ready for a great adventure. The boat was lovely, the equipment in... read more


      I came to the country to dive and drive. I did both things, and it was really nice. The only activity that I didn't plan before coming was knowing the... read more

    Monastiraki P
  •   Everything it said it was going to be and more.
    Got to swim with sea lions, warm cup with coffee and Lemongtons post swim, towels, snorkels and just a... read more


      If you plan to swim and play with sea lions, you should only do it with Turquoise Safaris. if don't, we'll you must!
    Special mention and love for Rosey, who... read more


      From start to finish you are made to feel comfortable and like you are in for a fun time. The music was awesome, the boat and equipment all new. You... read more

    Travelling T

      The interaction with the sea lions is great!!
    The crew is very informative and great music along the way 🙂

  •   I did this tour 3 times!!! every time was even better!!! they really are the puppy dogs of the sea, and the couple of the tour are AMAZING, they do... read more

    Catalina G

      Top trip. Good spacious comfortable boat, great interactions with the sea lions which really enjoy playing when you swim with them. Fun morning out, I'll be back


      We absolutely loved this experience!
    Kane and Rosemary were fantastic tour operators and created an exciting morning.
    The boat is great and the seals, well,absolutely adorable..puppies of the sea, indeed.... read more


      Thanks for the wonderful tour! It was great! My kids love it. Perfect tour for family w young kids! Recommend must try when you are in Perth and nearby! ... read more

  •   We enjoyed the special interaction of being in the water with these inquisitive sea lions! They seemed just as excited to see us as we were to see them. Our... read more


      Cheers for the prompt 4WD recovery Kane, made the day so much better, kids won't stop lecturing me on how to 4WD now, ha ha.


      What a great way to start the day just had the best morning with Kane, Rose and the sea lions it was a really relaxing and friendly boat it’s obvious... read more


      Lyndon was our guide and didn’t disappoint with his playlist! The sea lions were so interactive and playful, it was an amaaaaazing day! Being not so much a confident swimmer... read more

    Holly U
  •   WOW, what an experience. Lyndon our skipper delivered! Just had so much fun snorkelling with the sea lions. They are so friendly. You MUST do this if in Jurien Bay.

    Paul G

      Despite a change in the weather later on the afternoon which threatened our trip...they kept us in the loop and did their best to get us out there. Seals werent... read more


      This was a great experience. The sea lions were a delight to swim and play with and there was plenty of time to enjoy it. The boat was fantastic and... read more

    Andrew C

      Awesome experience from start to finish and should be on everyone's bucket list! The sea lions are an absolute delight and you get plenty of time to snorkel with... read more